Is it fall yet? August 2015

August 18, 2015 Maria Dondero

The answer to that question is a solid no, folks.  It is still in the 90s and still sweltering.  They don't call them dog days for nothing... 

But there have been changes to my schedule, so it feels like a transition time.  I have finished up teaching at UGA for the summer.  I had a blast- great students, air conditioning, and it was so refreshing to work somewhere new.  It freed me up to make new stuff including some really large pots that I am very excited about.  

summer 2015

June 10, 2015 Maria Dondero

Well, it is officially summer...  I know this because I broke a sweat trying to center a large lump of clay on the wheel in my studio.  And it is only going to get hotter!  But luckily this summer I am teaching at UGA and actually working over there quite a bit.  Turns out, with twins, it is easier to get work done when you are not in the backyard!  


April 01, 2015 Maria Dondero

Its here, y'all.  Things are bursting into bloom all around and it sure does wonders for my state of mind.  Which has been a bit stressed trying to figure out this second Online Sale.  It is a challenge for someone who doesn't love deadlines and working on computers... But it is a great thing to learn about, and exciting to be in touch with folks all over the country that like my pots.  That means the world to me.


February 05, 2015 Maria Dondero

Oh what a fabulous trip!  The food, the colors, the beautiful details of everything, the lovely, lovely people- we really had a spectacular time.  Don't get me wrong- there were some absolute disastrous times too, that generally involved one or two twins screaming loudly and alarming everyone around them... And the jet lag turned us all into nasty zombies for a while... But it was wonderful.  I am so, so grateful to my mother for taking us and sharing the magic of her home. 

2015- Here we come!

December 18, 2014 Maria Dondero


I am so excited to have my new website up and running!!!! Big shout out to Corbin Baker for helping this luddite with a computer task... It is not fun!  She has set me up with a MUCH more functioning and awesome website- thanks for checking it out.