When the Bough Breaks...

Hello all & welcome new subscribers!

A little over a month ago Southern Star Studio got hit by a falling tree in a freak hail storm. The level of damage was pretty devastating, but things are starting to look better and better as we renovate, re-roof, and take the opportunity to reorganize the space and how it works. While it comes at a pretty inopportune time as we try to complete the building of our home so we can move into it, I am aware that there is never a good time for a tree to fall... And it will give us the opportunity to make the studio even better than before.

The community aspect of the studio has really come into focus in this process and I am so grateful for the wonderful women I share my space with, as well as the whole town who has shown up in support. It turns out this little space has come to mean a lot to a lot of people, and I appreciate that and am humbled by what it has become.

We hope to be back up and running by late September. So we plan to host our usual first Saturday of the month open house on October 6th from 10a-4p. Please come by and see the newly renovated space!

Anyone local who would like to volunteer to help us at a put-it-back-together party in late September, please get in touch and we will gather as many hands as possible to make a fun time out of the work.

Since I am teaching at UGA this fall, I was able to move some of my studio work there and finish up a few deadlines for upcoming shows. It is so kind of Ted Saupe at UGA to give me refuge, and it is also inspiring to work around all the talented artists and students at the school. Teaching is something I have always loved and this semester is proving to be full of fantastic Intermediate Ceramics students!

My online shop is on hold until late fall when I can hopefully get a batch of work made again. With the house construction, studio construction, and teaching, I am working a bit slower than usual right now. But soon I will begin to get cranking for my first weekend of December pottery sale. This year will be my 10th one! Mark your calendars, and come visit. Until then you can purchase work online here and here.  Thanks for your continued support.

All my best,