Happy Spring everyone!

I am happy to be done with the computer work of my spring sale, but excited to have new work online and super appreciative of the great response I have had to it!  It is just such an honor that people like my work and enjoy having it in their lives!  As usual, please don't take anything I write too seriously... I try not to :)

The online sale is almost upon us, and I am now busy getting ready for a trip to Cuba!! I am super excited, I will be there a whole week (the first big break from the little boys since they were born). Shortly after the trip I will host my Spring Openhouse at Southern Star Studio with all the other lovely ladies also selling their work. It falls on Cinco de Mayo, and so we will have delicious Mexican nibbles at the opening reception made by my father.  The times are Friday May 5 from 5pm-9pm and Saturday May 6 from 9am-5pm.  More info to come later.

Other things in the works, a teapot show at Cedar Creek Gallery , Creedmoor, NC - it is a great one and I am happy to be included again! 

I will have work available for the summer show at the Swan Coach House Gallery in Atlanta.  

Then of course there is Perspectives at the end of the Summer at OCAF in Watkinsville, GA.  I will be doing a demo there on Saturday August 26th which will be lots of fun. This is the 15th annual Perspectives, and I hear there is even going to be AC in Rocket Hall this year where all the pots are!  Fancy!

The boys and I will be in Mexico for a whole month this summer!! Enjoying time off from school and work and learning/remembering our Spanish.  It is going to be amazing.  

Thank you all for your support, and hope you have a fun summer in the works.