ONLINE SALE! Coming up quick

It is hard to believe that this is my 5th annual Online sale!  My first one in 2014 was a real scramble and learning experience... They boys were 2, and I was in over my head teaching at UGA with twin toddlers and making pots.  But I was determined to do it!  To start a yearly online sale.  And it has gotten so much easier over the years. If you don't know this about me, computers are not really my strong suit... But an online sale is so great for reaching people out beyond little Athens, Georgia.  A little different this year, I will put all the images to preview up at once- this coming Saturday, March 31st.  They will be there to check out all week, and then the sale will go live on Saturday, April 7th at 12 pm EST.

I will have a few of my new slab cups for sale on April 7th.  I am excited about these because they are a new form, and they allow for a real loose touch.  I have made some templates for shapes that I am working with, and this lets me play with repetition of forms in a new, interesting way for me.  I don't ever like to throw the same mug twice (as it gets boring), but with slabs, each slab treats the shape a little different due to my hand thrown technique of making the slab.  I have always really liked sets, and pattern repetition like I have been doing on my tile.  So now these cups are kind of acting as tiles as I draw on them.  I like the idea of you and a friend having a mirror image mug for a companion tea party... This is probably more than you ever wanted to know about my thoughts on pots, but there you go!

fronts                                                                                       backs/middle






On the double dog slab teacups, I enjoy how the scene plays out all around the cup. The front is matching dog friends, the middle view of the dog (side of the cup) becomes more just pattern and color- could be a landscape.  And the back, well, two butts. Sometimes your day just deserves the butt end of the cup.  These silly little details are what keep me interested in pottery and imagery, keep me coming back for more...

A few more preview images 

All I have photographed are cups so far.  BACK TO WORK!! check back on the 31st to see the whole fresh new batch.  Thank you all for your support!