November 2016

Probably the biggest news for the upcoming months is my Holiday Studio sale.  This will be my 8th annual holiday show and I wonder where the time went and also, like I am finally getting better at putting on this huge event!  Getting ready for the show is intense and racing to finish up tons of pots gets stressful, but the actual show is so wonderful.  It is so gratifying to have people actually come buy my work!  And to sell so many pieces and get to connect with the people buying them.  Pretty good life really.


A couple of other exciting things, I was selected by WUGA to be the artist in Residence for November.  This meant that I was interviewed on the radio, and had a very well attended party at my house that was put on entirely by the staff at WUGA.  It was wild, there were tons of people in my house, looking at all of our artwork and pots.  Ron Meyers AND Michael Simon spoke about my work, which was probably the most amazing experience in my career as a potter.  Ever.  My two heroes, in my home, talking about my work! Nicely!  


After the event, there was a lovely write up in the flagpole about the show. Read here 

It was an honor to be interviewed by the amazing Rebecca Wood for her blog Beauty Everyday.  She is a real inspiration as a woman who made it happen, made a living making pots and tries to help all other artists in her wake.  She took this photo of me at my wheel.  Read here

I'll leave you with a nice image of Michelle Postma who helped me with a photo shoot at the studio by having a lovely tea party.  You should probably go have one yourself, really brightens up a day.  Happy Holidays to all!