Love in the time of Corona & Mother's Day Online Sale

Hello Friends far & wide,

I have been feeling a lot of love in the time of Corona, and I hope that you have too. Mostly I hope everyone is safe and healthy and weathering the crazy new world order as best they can. I know that this is not always possible, many people out there are really not ok right now. There is not much I know to say about this except that I am sending out love to all those who need it.

So many people have reached out to tell me how happy my work makes them, and have bought more. This means a huge amount to me as it is a scary time for small businesses. While our physical doors are closed at the shop and all the shows and workshops I was a part of this spring/summer have been cancelled, there has been this magical up swing in people asking to buy pottery and galleries inviting my work to online shows (see below for a list, and thanks for supporting those galleries as well!). I am so incredibly grateful for this. It is such a tremendous honor to provide work to people that brings them joy, especially in these dark times.

I have been working on a small batch of vases, pitchers, flower baskets as well as some mugs, bowls & flower pots that I will be posting on my website on Sunday May 3rd at 12pm EST. This should allow time for pots to be received in time for Mother's day. I am happy to add notes and send directly to anyone (mothers or not), just include a message when you check-out. I am only advertising the time of the sale to my email group, so y'all have the first shot at picking out the pieces you like. Don't forget to use the discount code NEWSLETTER for 10% off of your entire order as a thank you for following along.

Here are a few of the pots that will be online May 3rd, with many more to come!

At Southern Star Studio, we were supposed to have our 5th birthday party and Spring Planter Sale the first weekend of May. We are staying closed to the public for a while longer as we truly want to do all we can to keep people safe. We will appreciate the birthday love from afar and hope to see you in person safely some day down the line.

All my best,