Happy 2017!

Well as usual at the beginning of the year, I wrote "maria 16" on the bottom of many, many pots before I realized that I have to start practicing my 7s... 

As ever, after a hectic end of the year/holiday sale season, it feels great to have a bit of a breath and start fresh.  I have made relatively few pots so far this year... But the ones I have made have been a delight.  I feel so lucky to have my JOB be one that lets me make things, hang out in a lovely light filled space and create.  I am not sure how I got it so good this time around!

I am slowly starting up production, filling some wholesale orders, small commissions and getting ready for a few shows.   Coming up soon is one in Atlanta: Spotlight on Art at Trinity school.  I am looking forward to delivering my work next friday and seeing the set up.  If you are around Atlanta, the show will be open for a week so come by to see some fresh 2017 pots!