Is it fall yet? August 2015

The answer to that question is a solid no, folks.  It is still in the 90s and still sweltering.  They don't call them dog days for nothing... 
But there have been changes to my schedule, so it feels like a transition time.  I have finished up teaching at UGA for the summer.  I had a blast- great students, air conditioning, and it was so refreshing to work somewhere new.  It freed me up to make new stuff including some really large pots that I am very excited about.  After the trip to Thailand, I had been wanting to make some big coil jars. I got my chance at UGA where there are beautiful, huge, plentiful KILNS!! Nothing like working in your own studio with a tiny kiln for years to really make you appreciate a big functional kiln room!  It was great.  
I have just set up my 2nd biggest show of the year- Perspectives- in Watkinsville, GA at the Oconee County Arts Foundation (OCAF). If you are around this part of GA please come by for a huge pottery sale of tons of pots by 50 Georgia potters.   I brought 200 pots this year! There are some really great pots there, and such a range of styles.   The sale opens Friday, August 29th, and runs for the next 3 weeks.  For more info: OCAF website
One of my pieces for the inside gallery section of the Perspectives show is A month of Tumblers: July 2015.  I have a set of cups that I made for the month of July and drew on one every day of the month.  Sort of a calendar of cups.  This is the 4th time I have given myself this project and it is always fun and loosens up my drawings and helps create new ideas.  
So now I am switching gears back to potter and mama, which turns out is plenty to do all on its own.  I am very excited to have a new studio in the works and maybe will be working in a spot near the new studio for the next couple of months while the tenants finish up.  Then I will get to create a new space with gallery and office and room to share... I can't wait.  Stay tuned.  
My fall will be busy making pots for the designed + crafted show in Atlanta- opening the first weekend in October.  I am super honored to be included again, in its second year of this great show with The Signature Shop in Atlanta.   Then I will be cranking out the work for my annual Holiday sale which will be at my home studio the first weekend in December.  This will be my 7th one!  (Although I think I wrote that last year was my seventh one on the card... so this is my second 7th one, and I happened to skip the 6th.  The last few years I have been in a total time warp.)  
I am going to host a quick mug sale in a few days!  I will post about 20 new mugs to the online store.  Get in touch if you would like to be notified of new sales!
As always, please ring me and stop by the studio.  And if you need any pots before the big shows- let me know.  I just might have the perfect one waiting around for you.