summer 2015

Well, it is officially summer...  I know this because I broke a sweat trying to center a large lump of clay on the wheel in my studio.  And it is only going to get hotter!  But luckily this summer I am teaching at UGA and actually working over there quite a bit.  Turns out, with twins, it is easier to get work done when you are not in the backyard!  

So the summer class is shaping up nicely- I am teaching intermediate ceramics and already the fertile ground of a learning environment is encouraging me to branch out, work bigger, work slower, make different things- it feels wonderful.  Let this summer be a season of growth as plentiful as our beautiful garden- which is shaping up nicely this year.  Lots of tomatoes, greens and peppers on their way.  And FLOWERS!!! During this season I start to really draw a lot of imagery from our garden- starting with a bang-up strawberry crop that led me to make a mug called "the year of the strawberry"  Ahh, I love summer! 

I am super excited to be included in the June "Southern Living" as one of Athens knows best guides!  Sure, its not a feature article on my pottery, but I am super honored to be included at all! 

If you are traveling in or through the Atlanta Airport, check out the great Ceramix show featuring some of Georgia's best Ceramicists. I'm very honored to have a teapot on display in such a high traffic area. 

Here is an interview I did with fellow artist Melanie Eberhardt

Want to see a funny video where I make throwing sound extremely boring...? This was done by a UGA student who had a project to make a video on a local business.  The imagery is great, however I sound terribly boring! 

Upcoming shows to look forward to: UGA clay Now and an Invitational cup show both opening on July 18th at the Hudgens Center for the Arts in Duluth, GA.  I am going to put in a smattering of summer cups, and also some of my bigger jars that I have been working on at UGA.  If you are around, please join us at the opening!