Its here, y'all.  Things are bursting into bloom all around and it sure does wonders for my state of mind.  Which has been a bit stressed trying to figure out this second Online Sale.  It is a challenge for someone who doesn't love deadlines and working on computers... But it is a great thing to learn about, and exciting to be in touch with folks all over the country that like my pots.  That means the world to me.

So, I as I wrote on the page sale, this batch turned out to be a rough and tumble set of pots, with muddy colors and irregular lips... I'm not sure what that says about my state of mind, but I've always been a little rough around the edges. Hopefully the deep color stain and the lightness of flowers and springtime create a nice contrast.

Naming pots and writing about them is sort of a silly idea (maybe thats why I like it.) So bare with me as I name 8 pots after two animals... A host of characters show up and show up again on these silly pots.  I try not to take them (or myself) too seriously... And I hope you don't either!  Maybe, just maybe, they will bring a smile to your face. That is all I could ask for. 

happy spring