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November, 2014
*wow! the year has gotten away from me. we are almost to my annual holiday sale, which is one of my favorite events of the year. its nice to have everyone come and visit my home & studio & eat yummy food. its been a busy fall. the signature shop pop-up show in atlanta went well. i had show open in florida, alabama, north carolina, wisconsin, and virginia and i'm still working on a couple of wedding registries that will be done in the new year. thanks for visiting the website, email me if you any long distance request for pots.


Current and Upcoming Shows:
*SteinFest 2014-- Claymakers-- Durham, NC. October 3, 2014. Excited to be a part of this fun show. click here for more information
*Cup: The Intimate Object X: Charlie Cummings Gallery-- Gainesville, FL. October 3, 2014. Tons of great cups for sale, check out the show. click here for more information
*One & Only Exhibition: John Michael Kohler Arts Center-- Kohler, WI. October 26, 2014. The Kohler Foundation has been a great center of art for ceramic artists. I'm honored to be a part of such a great show. click here for more information
september, 2014
happy fall, y'all! its a busy one-- i'm working on pots for a handful shows, two wedding registries & gearing up for my 7th annual christmas sale. between that, teaching throwing at UGA & 2 spirited, twin, two year olds life is hectic but fulfilling. thanks for checking in! i hope you can make it to one of these shows & stop to say hello.

Current and Upcoming Shows:

*Signature Shop Pop Up-- Atlanta, GA. Design + Crafted. October 3, 2014. so honored to be able to be included this show that is curated by my hero Michael Simon. click here for more information

*SteinFest 2014-- Claymakers-- Durham, NC. October 3, 2014. Excited to be a part of this fun show. click here for more information

*Juried Show & Ceramics Sale at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art--- Auburn, AL. October 31-November 2, 2014. for a big selection of my most recent work, be sure to attend this juried show & sale! click here for more information

i'm in a couple holiday shows around the country & of course my christmas sale. i'll be sure to update you in regards to the nationwide shows but as for my sale, the date is: December 6-7, 2014
May 2014
Well, it hit 90 degrees yesterday. So I will officially wish you a happy summer from Georgia. I have just wrapped up teaching my third successive class of beginning ceramics at UGA and had a blast. Now I will have more time in the studio, though, so that should be fun for the upcoming projects.

My online sale went great! Thanks to everyone who purchased pots. I hope that they are treating you well in their new homes.

Lots of shows coming up early summer, and then of course Perspectives in late summer which I always make a ton of work for.

*Current and Upcoming Shows:
* Yunomi Invitational at AKAR- excited to be in this one again!
*May: Solo Show at the Clay Studio press here for online show
* I have a couple of secret pieces in Mystery Triennial, a fun show at ATHICA more info
*June 5: I'm happy to be included in Summer Swan Invitational: Contemporary Southern Pottery and Handmade Objects at the Swan Coach House Gallery in Atlanta, more info
* June 6: Excited to be a part of this great Teapot Show IX at Cedar Creek Gallery, more info
SPRING! 2014
Spring has been a long time coming this year in Georgia. My hands are starting to warm up in the studio as my clay starts warming up, and things are looking up in general. I have been very busy getting ready for my big online sale, and I am very excited to have 2 interns from UGA helping me out with it! Claire Shurley and Jenna Gridley are awesome.

SO, I not so cleverly chose April fools day as the date for my online spring sale... But it is not a joke, I really am having a sale! So please check back soon.

In time for spring, there are lots of botanical themes, birds and weird young animals to make you think of the changing season. I think one cup even blatantly has "spring" written on it. Oh well, I have never been good at subtlety.

After my big online sale, I am very excited to have a show at the Clay Studio- such a wonderful gallery to be associated with.
January 2014
2014 has gotten off to a good start! My projects for the spring include making a new line of work to sell on my website! I will be creating a bunch of new cups, plates and bowls, etc and put them for sale April 1st! If you are interested in finding out when the work is ready, leave me a comment with your email and I will add you to the list.

I am also working on new pots for the Clay Studio, The Kiln booth at NCECA, Aurum studios and Frontier in downtown Athens. Thanks for checking in!
October 2013
Its cooling off around here, and I have been enjoying getting ready for lots of shows. October 4th I have openings in North Carolina, Florida and Montana! And of course they are all online for those of you not in those places. See below for links to shows.

Still teaching at UGA and running after twins, between the holiday season prep of pots and that, I have been keeping very busy!

*Current and Upcoming Shows:
* October 5: Charlie Cummings Gallery Cup: The Intimate Object IX
* October 4-23: I've been invited by Courtney Murphey (who makes great pots!) to be in the exhibit at the Clay Studio of Missoula, MT Friends & Influences: An Artist-in-Residence Invitational
* October 4: Claymakers Gallery in Durham, NC: Steinfest!
* late October: very excited to be included in a show in my favorite place in the world: the Adirondacks. Fierce, Fragile, Influx more info to come!
* As always, I will hold my annual Holiday Sale the first weekend in December : 7-8 December

Spring/Summer 2013
The weather is beautiful now! And while it has been a slow studio year so far, I am about to start cranking it out for upcoming shows that I am excited about.

Teaching has been great as usual, and I even got to be the student a few times with wonderful visiting artists.

Check out these great shows:

*I am so excited to be included in AKAR's Yunomi show! An honor to be on such a great website, and with such good artists- and there is only one left!
See AKAR show here

*A great local show that is kind of like my dream come true, because I LOVE cards so much... I created the 3 of Hearts for a deck of cards that will be a fundraiser for ATHICA, a local gallery. All of Athens finest artists are involved and it is shaping up to be a beautiful deck of cards! Click here to order your very own deck

*I will be included in Praxis at UGA; a show featuring the work of adjunct professors. On display from May 16- July something... Sorry I am not more clear on the details

*My fourth year in Perspectives, always a great show of 50 Georgia Potters at OCAF in Watkinsville. August 30- September 18. Opening Gala Reception & Preview Sale: August 30, 2013, 6 - 9 pm Click here for more info

I've been invited by Courtney Murphey (who makes great pots!) to be in the Pair exhibit at the Clay Studio of Missoula. October 4-23 Click here to see more

Alright y'all, that is enough for now. Going to try and get into the studio and make a few pots before my babysitter has to leave!
Happy New Year everyone! I got a bit behind on my news entries, seeing as the last news entry was from the new year 2012... I had a lot on my plate last year- while a wonderful year, it was also a whirlwind of craziness with twin infants. I got back in my studio mid year and found pottery a both a very needed break and stressful to keep up with the deadlines. So, 2013 is a new year to try and figure out studio, teaching and twin toddlers. Ha!

I am looking forward to teaching adjunct at UGA this semester, it is always so invigorating to be around other artists and teach something I love so much to people new to clay.

*Always such an honor to be grouped with Ron Meyers: We have a show at the Kiln in Fairhope, AL. January 2013
*Excited to be included in a huge cup show at the Charlie Cummings Gallery:Cup: The Intimate Object VIII opens in November 2012
*Handle with Care at Santa Fe Clay, opens Nov 2, 2012
*Guerilla Mug Assault a very cool idea by The Clay Studio in Philadelphia: November 9, 2012, 500 mugs will be given out at coffee shops replacing people's paper cups. !0 of them will be mine!
*Part of a group show: Don't Box Me In December first at the Signature Shop in Atlanta, also a bunch of new work to check out Signature Shop in Atlanta, GA,
*New work at The Kiln in Fairhope, Alabama.
*work available online at the Clay Studio all available online, press here for online show

Very excited to be included in a group show at AKAR- opens in April.
jan 2012!
Happy New Year!!! A very exciting new year indeed, as I am bound to deliver twins any day now...

I won't be making much work for the time being, but hope to be up and running again this summer. We shall see... My next deadline is Perspectives in August, which will be a good goal to start working again around May. Until then, I will be a mama- to two boys whom I am very excited to meet!
dec 2011
*thanks to everyone who came out to the holiday sale- we had a great couple of days!
*still have some nice pots available for gifts. call for appointment: 706.248.6899
November 2011
what a beautiful fall here in ga! i am gearing up for my last sale in a while- this due to the increasingly huge belly that is on the front of my body, making it difficult to throw pots! i am guessing that the twin boys that come out in January are also going to make it difficult to throw pots... for a while at least. so all this is to say COME OUT TO MY HOLIDAY SALE i have lots of new work available, lots of pots with animals pairs... and my father is cooking great food, my mother-in-law bringing great sweet treats. there will two woodstoves burning, hot drinks and you can check out my new home studio. FIRST WEEKEND OF DEC- 3-4th, from 9 am-5pm. 775 Pulaski Street, Athens, GA 30601- Please park on the street. call 706.248.6899 for more information

*i don't have work for sale in my online gallery right now, but The Clay Studio website and The Signature Shop website do- so check those out if you want to purchase a piece online.

*here are a number of new shows to check out in the next few months.

*Take Flight Aurum Gallery and Studios in downtown Athens: a bird themed show by some great local artists. Opens Nov. 17th
*Gifted a holiday show of some great work at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia, PA- Nov 4th-Dec. 31st- all available online, press here for online show
*I will have new work at the Signature Shop in Atlanta, GA very soon
*Excited to start showing at Blue Spiral Gallery in Asheville, NC: SMALL FORMAT GALLERY:C.U.P.S. January 4th- February 25th, 2012
September 2011
*Continuing with the year of many changes... July 14th we found out the biggest news of our lives- we are having twins! So this has put a real damper on my production level, although I am starting to feel much, much better. And while I am, I am going to make as many pots for my Christmas sale before I get too big to fit behind my wheel!

*The Christmas sale will be the first weekend of December- 3rd and 4th. This will be the first of many at my home studio! I now work in my backyard, which is so fabulous- in good company with my dogs and chickens...

*Tons of great shows opening now- locally there is Perspectives A great showing of 50 Georgia Potters- tons of great pots. Come out from August 27th-September 15th to OCAf in Watkinsville, GA.
*Cups and Coffee At the Clay Studio in Philadelphia- August 26th- September 18th in the Reed Smith Gallery.

I am headed up to Minneapolis September 9-11 to the American Pottery Festival Really looking forward to all the events and activities associated with this renowned event, as well as seeing all those great pots!
summer 2011
hello all,
*after a busy spring, i am gearing up for a sweltering summer. i had a GREAT time in Austin at the Art of the Pot- met lots of great folks and potters, sold a lot of work, and traded for some fabulous pieces! and ate delicious food the whole time... my kind of trip

*this summer i will be teaching intermediate and advanced ceramics at UGA- always fun to teach people who know what they are doing. and i am excited to work in and use the beautiful new ceramics building. a far cry from the building they had when i was a student...

*i am taking this chance without a huge show next month (first time in a while) to catch up on some commissions and orders. if you have an order in, i will be contacting you soon!

*i have to make A LOT of nice pots for the end of the summer- 2 big shows: Perspectives 2011- 50 GA potters on display for the month of August at OCAF in Watkinsville, GA. i think folks have done a great job with this show- lots of nice pots, lots of sales.
and then i have the American Pottery Festival in Minneapolis, MN September 9-11. this is a big shindig with great potters, panel discussions, demos and parties. i am very excited to be included and to go up there and check it all out!

*and i turn 30 next week...

spring 2011
wow, it is already late spring and i am just now writing new news. even though there has been a lot this spring...
*i opened a new collective gallery with 7 other artists- blue tin studio and it has been really fun to work with such talented artists. this is where i keep my most recent work, and keep it moving through. we have an openhouse april 30th from 10 am-6 pm with food, drinks and demos.
*i am gearing up for a great show- art of the pot in austin texas. i am super excited to be a part of this one. some of my favorite other potters are going to be there, and even the artstream! mother's day weekend- may 7-8 2011. aotp website
*as soon as i get back from texas, i am headed to serenbe- what i hear is a beautiful intentional community south of atlanta. there is a mayday festival which i am excited to be a part of may 14th. serenbe's website
*i have just started selling work with kelly drive. a very cool website started by designer/craftsman in philadelphia. since everything else is more modern, my stuff gets called "bohemian" a lot... i never knew that is what i was...but happy to be included in this curated website.kelly drive's website
january 2011!
Hard to believe we are already in 2011. This year brings around a lot of change for me- new studio, new teaching job, lots of new shows that I am excited about!
Here are some of the details...
*New studio just moved on the 31st of December: I have joined forces with a fabulous artist and friend Cameron Garrard. She is kind enough to share her beautiful studio with me, and the great part is that it is two doors down from my house! So I have some up-and-running to do.
*I am teaching with Gainesville State College- a course in 3D design at the Watkinsville Campus. That should be fun and a challenge since there is o clay involved!
*2 shows I am particularly excited about; *Art of the Pot I was invited by Lisa Orr to show my work in her studio for the Mother's Day Weekend Sale in Austin Texas- quite an honor, and sounds like a good time will be had by all.
*American Pottery Festival at Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In March and later, mid September I will participate as one of 25 potters from around the country in the annual festival.
* Got to get cranking...
maria dondero November 2010

*Current and Upcoming Shows: Lots to check out, folks! feel free to email or call with questions about any of these shows or sales. Tons of new work to be seen!

*The Studio Group's 29th Annual Show & Sale Athica, Chase Street Warehouses, Unit 4, Athens, GA. Nov. 18-21, 2010, Thurs & Fri: 5-9pm, Sat: 10-6 & Sun: 12-4. I'm excited to be a part of this long standing group of artists in Athens- nearly 30 years strong!

*Winterfest 2010 Baltimore Clay Works, Baltimore, MD. November 20- December 30.

*The Bascom Artists' Marketplace The Bascom, Highlands, NC. Thanksgiving Weekend, November 26-27, 2010

*Wolfcreek Holiday Sale Nancy Green's studio: 1500 Tappan Spur Road, Farmington, GA. December 4-5th, 9am-5pm. These are some of my favorite potters in Athens area, always a fun sale!

*La Mesa Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe, NM. December 10 - Jan 15. Always an honor to be part of this show put on annually by Santa Fe Clay. 100 ceramic artists present one place setting in dinner party format- on a table.

*Studio Potter Invitational Trace Gallery, Chase Street Studios, Athens, GA. Opening reception Dec 10th from 6-9pm. This is over at Andy Nasisse and Lauren Gallaspy's new Gallery- my work will be in very good company!*

*MARMALADE POTTERY HOLIDAY SALE!!! Here is my 2nd annual Holiday sale- lots of new pots, new food concoctions by Tim Dondero ( my dear dad) and coffee from 1000 Faces Coffee. Don't miss it! Sat- Sun December 11-12th from 9am-5pm

maria dondero October 2010
*Check out a great show at the UGA Art School right now:
Six Decades in Clay: An Expanding Tradition September 24-October 19, 2010. Lamar Dodd School of Art, Gallery 307, University of Georgia. It is great to have my work up in the company of such fabulous ceramicists (and people) including Ron Meyers, Georgia Strange, Ted Saupe and Andy Nasisse
maria dondero September 2010
exciting news for marmalade pottery!

* I am headed up to Arrowmont Craft School to be Ron Meyer's studio assistant for a week course. I am honored to be chosen by Ron, and just plum excited to get to listen to his stories and see his demos all week. Also looking forward to meeting and seeing Lana Wilson's work- she is the other teacher.

* You can now try out your very own Maria mug at the new 1000 Faces Coffee shop- open last week in Trapeze Bar downtown Athens. My mugs are in use as well as for sale. 1000 Faces coffee is fabulously roasted very fair trade coffee, and founders of "Slow Coffee". I am thrilled that slowing down that coffee even more is my handmade mug. Click here to see more about 1000 Faces Coffee and their new shop

*Marmalade Pottery will host a show October 22nd in our studio gallery in the DOC building featuring the work of our newest artist: Mandy Stevens. More info to come!

*Forgot to put up a link to this great little blurb on our summer sale work from the Flagpole- Athens's local art/music newspaper. (Scroll to bottom of "Art Notes") Click here to see the write up by Brian Hitselberger about Marmalade Pottery

maria dondero May 2010
COMING UP!!: Marmalade Pottery Summer Sale and Studio Open House!!
Friday June 4th from 5-9pm and Saturday June 5th from 9am-5pm. Friday night food by Tim Dondero, music by Fabulous Bird, wine and beer provided. Saturday more food and coffee from 1000 Faces Coffee!! Come on by. Call for more information 706.248.6899

* Check out the article in the Athens Banner Herald: link to ABH article
maria dondero: April 2010
*Upcoming shows:
*Small Favors VII Invitational at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, PA. May 7 - May 30, 2010
*3 Plus 3: Influence & Invitation at Terra Incognito Gallery in Oak Park, IL. May 22- June 16, 2010. Opening May 22, 3-7 pm.
Chuck Hindes, (invited) Lori Raife, Georgette Ore/Don Pilcher, (invited) Joe Krasean, Ron Meyers, (invited) Maria Dondero.
I am really honored to be in this show with Ron, one of my pottery heros.

*I will be at Craftstravaganza in downtown Athens, Saturday May 1st. Stop by to say hello or pick up a Mother's Day gift

*New work at Aurum Studios, Ltd. in Athens, GA

*New work at Homeplace in 5 points, Athens, GA

*Atlanta shopping: work at Signature Shop and Mudfire Gallery

maria dondero Nov 2009
*I now have pots for sale at MudFire Gallery in Decatur, GA. I am part of a Holiday Sale starting the day after Thanksgiving, with an artist reception Dec. 5th from 5-9pm.

*Upcoming Invitational Show at Santa Fe Clay: CUPS Opening Dec 12th

*I will soon be selling pots at the Signature Shop in Atlanta, GA
maria dondero, oct 09
*my new studio is open!!!! come by and visit me at 585 Barber Street, Athens, GA 30601.

*First Friday- October 2, 2009, 6-9 pm. In conjunction with the railroad arts, stop by my studio along with many others in athens for pots and refreshments

*Studio Open House Friday October 16th, 6-9 pm. We are throwing ourselves a little welcome to the neighborhood party and would love for you to all come by.
maria dondero
Current shows:

*The Clay Studio, 139 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Solo Show in the Niche Gallery
Opening Reception: Friday September 4th, 7-9pm
click here for a write up on the show

*Perspectives: Pottery Line Up, Oconee County Arts Foundation
In conjunction with the annual Perspectives pottery sale of 50 Georgia potters, this show represented all different firing techniques and talked about the history of each. I have a covered jar fired in an electric kiln to cone 1.

*Aumum Studios, 125 East Clayton Street, Athens GA
Maria Dondero, Margaret Hunt & Joy Stanley
July 15 - August 15 2009